2024-05-23 Disable WP Meteor by adding URL parameter ?ct_builder=1
2024-03-15 DirectAdmin and PHP 8+ leads to configure: error: iconv does not support errno
2020-06-19 Use rsync to copy files into a Docker container
2020-02-11 Installing mariadb from opam on FreeBSD
2020-02-11 Cloudflare: Disable IPv6 for all zones
2020-02-01 Force WordPress hostname independent of configuration
2020-02-01 Tunnel a specific user's traffic over a WireGuard VPN connection
2019-04-12 My favourite WordPress plugins
2019-03-21 Understand your users through Domain Driven Design (DDD)
2019-02-21 Use FTP or LFTP over a SOCKS proxy or SSH tunnel
2019-02-20 Build PHP 7.3.2 on Debian with PGO
2019-02-19 Making PHP scream: OPcache, optimized builds and PGO
2019-02-18 Prevent data corruption when dumping MySQL databases with utf8mb4 data
2019-02-15 Using awk to effectively filter Apache/Nginx access logs
2019-02-11 FreeBSD: Mixing ports and packages
2019-02-10 FreeBSD: Install lxml via pip
2019-01-04 Set up Vim for PHP development
2018-11-25 Use separate systemd units for PHP-FPM pools
2018-11-21 Install dependencies for a binary (on Debian)
2017-11-30 Dealing with mixed encodings in PHP
2017-02-27 Notes on What Has Worked in Investing